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Unauthorized dealers

In some venues, disreputable dealers are selling refurbished projectors as new products. Although legitimately established refurbished products may deliver Optoma's winning technology at a price reduction, illegally refurbished products do not provide the warranty and product quality assurance of legitimately refurbished products. Protect your investment by ensuring that your projector is new or legitimately refurbished.

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Why should I buy an authentic Optoma projector?

  • Genuinely refurbished Optoma projectors have been tested and refurbished by Optoma for best performance. Counterfeit projectors may deliver degraded performance or suffer from shortened product life.
  • Optoma projectors include a robust warranty and access to trained customer service technicians. Counterfeit refurbished units may not be covered under Optoma's warranty and service program.

How do I know if the projector I am buying is genuinely refurbished by Optoma?

Dishonest and disreputable companies may try to sell a used projector as new. Buyers should protect themselves by looking for signs that they are getting what they are paying for. The best way to ensure that the product is genuine is to purchase it from an Optoma Authorized Dealer.

Some questions you should ask your dealer:

  1. Do you have authorization to sell new products made by Optoma? Optoma builds strong relationships with its dealers and we back them in the event of needed repairs or warranty claims.
  2. Is this product under warranty? If there is no warranty, be suspect that you will receive a product with problems.
  3. Do you have a return/exchange policy? Ask how long you have to return the projector for refund or exchange.

Pricing can be one easy way to spot a fake refurbished projector. If the price is much lower than the market price, most likely it is not genuine. In addition, each projector is assigned a unique serial number, located on a tag affixed to the product. Examine this tag to make sure that it hasn't been replaced or altered in any way.

Not sure? We have professionals that can help confirm the authenticity of your projector. Contact Optoma Customer Service at 888-289-6786.

Where can I buy authentic new or refurbished Optoma projectors?

We have Authorized Optoma Dealers nationwide. Please visit our Web site at and click on "Where to Buy."